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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Amazon Android App Redesign Is Rolling Out With Relocated Nav Bar



According to 9to5Google, there is a new Android Amazon app redesign rolling out. Earlier this month Amazon went and updated its app icon to tie more into what the company is all about. Now the entire app is receiving a minor redesign with better navigation in mind.

Not too many changes in the new update. But, there are some tweaks that will make the home screen cleaner in design. When you open the app the rotating carousel will still be featured, but things get a tad bit different underneath it.

Navigation changes are the biggest changes in the new redesign. Now the app has a bottom-bar interface which should give the UI a better-looking less cluttered interface. Of course, that is up to the individual using the app to decide if it looks better or not.

The “Home” tab now recommends deals and some of the recently viewed items in the search bar. The search bar is almost everywhere you navigate to in the app. As a result, if you need to see some recommendations or recently viewed items you can easily find them.

New Android Amazon app redesign will declutter the interface

Once you go to the “Profile” tab you will see shortcuts to your most recent orders, account settings, lists, and more. The “Cart” tab still has a normal look as there are no major changes there.

Lastly, there is now a new “Overflow” tab. This tab is a jack of all trades which links to your orders, lists, accounts, settings, and just about anything else that did not fit before.

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