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Sunday, 28 March 2021

Flexcil - note taking apk latest version 10.0.0 free download for android



Flexcil is a hybrid note-taking app along with a PDF Reader. It does all of the note-taking stuff you need. You can create notes, store them, and recall them later as needed. Additionally, the app can open PDFs and let you annotate and mark up PDFs as needed. It’s a bit of a weird hybrid as we don’t normally associate note-taking with PDFs, but it seems to work out rather well. This one is a huge success on iOS so we may see similar success on Android. Hit the button below to sign up for the beta and download from the Google Play Store.

Whether you’re doing homework, reading school papers, researching documents, or looking through PDF textbooksー use Flexcil! Flexcil is an easy to use, annotation and note-taking tool. Simply highlight by pen gestures and capture images and text on the study-note by pen gestures! Save time transcribing summaries by gestures on study-note with your touch pen

Features of Flexcil


• Seamlessly highlight and underline text by GESTURE • Summarize and organize your thoughts, texts, and notes • Instantly open any PDF for reading and studying • Zoom in to read small text • Organize and manage your books AND notes


• Drag and paste text flawlessly • Smooth Image selection • Reading and pen gesture mode - FLEXCIL EXCLUSIVE • Search the dictionary for any definitions you need


• Simulate real-life note-taking by using your Apple Pencil • Through our 3-step process, we guarantee you will never have any touch malfunctions • Support Apple pencil 2nd generation & double tap


• Improved the tiring, old-fashioned way of writing which results in wrist/palm pain • Comfortable for all users of any age!

File Information

  • Name: Flexcil
  • Version: 2.104.
  • Android requires: Android 8.0+
You can download Canva by following the link below


Other Features

• Support 2-page spread view (PDF / Notes) • Folders/ Files/ Study Notes Category management • Navigate annotations, contents, and reference document • Support Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & iCloud, Box • Support iOS 11 Drag & Drop (iOS 11 or higher) • Backup Data (iCloud / Google Drive / Dropbox, etc.) • Support for video tips (Extend additional pen list when checking all the tips) Flexcil Standard (One-time purchase for lifetime) ****** You can use more powerful core features through in-app-purchasing. • Editing function - Editing PDF pages (New) - Adding / editing text boxes and images to PDF - Editing Notes pages - Adding / editing text boxes and images to Notes • Add-ons - Navigate annotations and references in PDF and Study Notes - Unlimited folders / Notes categories & pages - Straight-line drawing and Lasso function - Extended gesture menu for search and bookmark (New) - PDF & Notes bookmarks - More pen lists and pen colors - Colorful Notes covers and templates - Exporting Notes and template removal function for exporting - Remove watermark when exporting PDF • Ongoing add-on updates Flexcil welcomes your opinions and interests to improve our app into a valued service. Website: Support: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:

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