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Sunday, 19 July 2020

99Liker Facebook Auto Liker (99 Liker) Latest 1.0 for Android

99Liker Facebook Auto Liker

Get lots of Facebook posts likes and comments for free

Description of 99Liker:

Getting likes on your Facebook posts is easier now, you can get more likes on your videos, pictures, and posts for free. So don't think you will never be popular, you can be today. Download 99liker for your android device and get unlimited likes on your Facebook post and comments as well.

99liker is a free Facebook Liker App that will allow you to get automatically and fast boost your Facebook likes and comments on your photos and videos.

Features of 99Liker:

Get easily and instant likes on your Facebook posts
Get lots of comments on your posts.

99Liker needs access to the Facebook account's basic information to sync data to get likes

Get free Facebook likes:

Getting likes on Facebook is easier now, lots of people invest money in getting likes. but you don't need to pay money for likes.99Liker will help you to get lots of likes for absolutely free.there is no charge for the app.

How to install and use 99Liker:

First Click on the Download Button to Download APK File for your Android smartphone. And install it on your Smartphone. Then 99Liker launches 99Liker App on your devices. Login to your FB account. After that submit your post on which you want to increase likes. Thanks and keep visiting my blog to download the latest version Apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

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File information

  • Name: 99Liker
  • Size: 3.0 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Android requires: 4.3+
Download 99Liker for your android device by following the link below


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